Admissions - How to Apply
Although the main intake is at the start of each academic year, applications can be considered at any time during the school year.
 Demand for places is high, particularly for Years 6 and 7 in the Junior School, Year 8 (S1) in the Senior School and for IB1 (S5 for entry to the Sixth Form). You should therefore apply as early as you can for these year groups.

Applying to join St Leonards is a simple process:


Your first step is normally to contact the Admissions Office to arrange a visit to the School. On this visit you will meet with the Headmaster and take a tour of the campus - including our boarding houses if you are visiting for Senior School admission - meeting teachers and students. This will give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about joining one of Scotland’s leading independent schools.

You would then complete a registration form and pay the application fee of £100.  Registration does not guarantee a place within the school as there is high demand in certain year groups and waiting lists may be in place. You will receive guidance on this from the Admissions Team at the time of registration.

You will also need to provide copies of the last two school reports or progress reports for your son and/or daughter and then they will be invited to sit the School’s entrance tests.

It is not possible to see past papers but you are welcome to contact the Registrar if you have any concerns regarding the content of the tests.

A number of group testing sessions are held throughout the year, the first of these takes place in November. However, we appreciate that it can be difficult to attend these sessions and individual arrangements can easily be made. 

Once these have been marked you will be advised as to whether your son and/or daughter will be offered a place at the School. 


The selection procedures for all applicants are based on ability and aptitude.

In Years 8, 9, 10 and Pre-IB, entry is through the St Leonards Entrance Examination, the Common Entrance Examination or the St Leonards Scholarship Examination (for more on Scholarships, see our Assisted Places page). Candidates sit papers in Maths and English.

All students seeking entrance to the IB1 year group (S5/Year 12/Lower Sixth Form) will be required to sit the School’s own tests in English and Maths. Pupils for whom English is not their first language are expected to have obtained a standard of English equivalent to the Cambridge First Certificate or IELTS academic grade 6.

Children seeking entry to the Junior School are normally required to spend either a morning or afternoon in school to enable staff to assess their abilities. This helps to establish the correct level of entry for each child. Those wishing to enter Years (P) 4-7 are given entrance tests in English and Maths either during this time at St Leonards or at another agreed point.

Any support for learning issues highlighted by the tests will be investigated further. The Registrar can provide more details on this as well as the process for students with known specific learning needs. 


St Leonards currently has students from around 30 different nationalities. We appreciate that it may not always be possible to visit the School, but if possible we would recommend it. However, we may also be able to accommodate a Skype interview along with references from the student’s current school.

The process is then very similar to that for UK families (please see above). Entrance test papers are generally sent out either to an Educational Agent or to the current school of the pupil so that they can be sat in their own country. 

If you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact our Admissions Team on 01334 472126, email

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